We’re approaching that time of the year again: Hallowe’en! It is time for everyone to get their costumes ready (yes, parents too) for trick-or-treating and various celebrations. It can sometimes be difficult deciding with your kids what they are going to be for Hallowe’en, so here we have rounded up some top costume ideas to inspire and get you ready for this Hallowe’en season.

These first ones are going to be popular in 2017, because they were box office hits this year. First off, there is a Lightning McQueen costume to please Cars movie fan in your house. Next, inspired by the hit superhero movie this year is a Wonder Woman costume. This one has always been popular amongst little girls, however with the recent movie – it is sure to be a hit this year.

Next, for the creative parents there are some DIY costumes, which are always a hit with kids – especially when they can assist in making it. First, there is a unicorn – this one has been a trend in 2017 and it most likely will continue and be a hit this Hallowe’en. It is simple enough to create and will be worth it seeing your little girl sporting it this year. Next, there is a scuba diver costume. This one takes a little more prep work but it is worth it when you see the adorable outcome. Plus, it is perfect for a matching costume and for any age group!

There are some classic costumes that will always be in style, no matter the year. As well, many of them are often favourites amongst kids. Some examples of classics that will be a hit this year are: Disney princes and princesses, pirates, superheroes, different animals and occupations – such as, a firefighter, police officer, doctor and more! These are simple enough to buy or make and are sure to please kids of all ages!

Lastly, we have a bonus for all those parents that need costumes too! Family themed costumes are always fun for the whole family. Two of our favourites are the Star Wars themed one and the Toy Story one. These ones create great memories and photos to look back on!

We hope this has inspired you and is getting you excited for this coming Hallowe’en.


Lightning McQueen


Scuba Diver

Star Wars

Toy Story